Features Overview


Responsive Email Ticket templates

Get rid of the boring and old fashioned ticket emails. Your Website has some cool responsive email templates in which your attendees will receive tickets through emails.




Calendar Module

Users will be able to see all the scheduled events in the calendar module just by hovering over that particular date. After selecting the event you will be redirected to the event details page where you can buy tickets.



Google Email Markup Support

This markup helps Google identify key elements in the email content like Event date and time, Venue etc. With this data Gmail can show the email in a special way it does for events, airline tickets etc. Plus this data could also be used in Google Now.




Google Maps Integration

Google Maps Integration enables Your Website users to see the event venue location and navigate directly. Users can view the distance of the event from their current location through Google Maps. Easy to keep a track of the user’s current distance from the event location.




Frontend venue creation

Event owners can add their own venues along with choosing if the venues will be public or private. Private venues can only be used for their own events.




Adding event to Google calendar and outlook calendar

Users can add the event to their Google calendar and outlook calendar. This would serve as a reminder for the users for their favourite events that they want to attend.



Adding start and end time for booking event tickets

Event creator will be able to add start and end time for booking event tickets in addition to dates. This feature is available in the back end as well




Activity stream

Your Website 2.0 introduces the activity stream. Let your users have an insight regarding the latest event updates at just a glance.




All events

A beautiful feature to view all events at a glance.




Buy More tickets

A feature to 'Buy More tickets' if a person has already bought one or more tickets to the event.




Like reminders

Your Website 2.0 brings forth a tight like integration with which you can set reminders for the events.




Brand New Event Performance Dashboard

A stylish and attractive dashboard lets the event owner get a quick view of important statistics about his event and also post updates about the same. 




Blended My Calendar view for users based on like

Blended My Calendar view shows a Calendar of all the user’s todo’s which include Your Website events.