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Bulk Management

In view of efficient and effective management, Your website phase in the idea of Bulk management making the administration of your store time productive. With us, Bulk edit your inventory or store products better in absolutely no time.






 Store Management

Your Website keeps your faith in it by putting forward an easy, non-complex and powerful panel which gives you the honor of managing your store effectively and efficiently. Your Website has taken care of all your needs.

Simple and Powerful admin panel

Your Website keeps in mind that managing your store should not be a challenge to its users and has introduced the admin panel that is so easy, simple and non-complex. Modify your store as per your needs with built-in class control panel. Your Website has thousands of options for you intact in a simple interface.




Beautiful Invoices

Undertaking the importance of it, Invoices is a part not neglected by Your Website. Offering standard invoice templates designed keeping the best UI practices in mind, You can modify it even further using just the HTML all at your perusal.




Inventory and Order Management

Your Website has paid all its heed on easy management and administration of the store, letting its users engage in a weighty experience, Your Website is alert to all the details and automatically does the inventory management part for you. You just need the order screen to effectively manage your orders.




Multi-currency and Geolocations

Your Website wary that you don’t charge your DIRHAM buyer in USD. own an effective store with attention on all the details of currency and locations. Now, Modify any currency, set forex rates and use it. Your Website also lets you create geo- locations customised as per your requisite.



Customizations at it's best





Measurement Units

Your Website comes built-in with mostly used measurement units. Units can be categorised, and there is an option to set conversion rates for the group. This lets a user select his/her preferred measurement unit which can be converted on the fly.