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Social Networking Benefits:

  • You can login with your desired email address and password and create your own profile.
  • You can Update your Status on regular basis.
  • You can upload your Photo by clicking on "Upload Photo"
  • You can upload Videos by clicking on "Upload Videos"
  • You can update your Social Media presence links - LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • You can view other Members Profile by clicking on "View Profile"
  • You can Invite your Contacts by clicking on "Invite Contacts" to become member of GIBES.
  • You can send Friends Request by clicking on "Add as a Friend"
  • Receive friend request from other members in your "Notification Tab".
  • You can send all the other members Message by clicking on "Message"
  • Receive messages from other members in your "Inbox".
  • You can send other members "Wave"
  • You can view people who are "Online".
  • You can "Chat" with other members.
  • Create your own personal online group



Opportunity to Write Blog and Share it with Other Social Networking Websites:

  • Develop Relationships with Potential and Existing Customers.
  • Establish Your Business as an Industry Leader
  • Connect People to Your Brand
  • Create Opportunities for Sharing
  • You’ll inspire others
  • You’ll become more comfortable being known
  • You’ll find a platform to recommend
  • Many Other Benefits of writing Blog.



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