GIBES Membership Benefits:

 I. Completely Control and Manage Your Profile:

• You can Login / Register with your desired Email and Password.
• You can Network with all the Other Members.
• You can Update your Status on regular basis.
• You can upload your Photo by clicking on "Upload Photo"
• You can update your complete Business Profile details: your business name, business address, email address, website address, company description, etc.
• You can update your Social Media presence links - LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.
• You can view other Members Profile by clicking on "View Profile"
• You can Invite your Contacts by clicking on "Invite Contacts" to become member of GIBES.
• You can send Friends Request by clicking on "Add as a Friend"
• Receive friend request from other members in your "Notification Tab".
• You can send other members Message by clicking on "Message"
• Receive messages from other members in your "Inbox".
• You can send other members "Wave"
• You can view people who are "Online".
• You can "Chat" with other members.

II. Update Your Company Profile for Networking with Angel Investors and Other Startups:

• You can completely update your company profile and mention in detail all the services and / or products you are into.
• You can also update the services you require, so as to network with other members.

III. Increase and Disseminate Your Sales, Revenue and Profit:

• The Entire Startups Ecosystem - Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Professionals, Corporates - MNC Employees, Freelancers, Students etc.will become member of GIBES.
• Like you they will also update their entire profile details.
• You can network with them directly to provide your services.
• Also receive direct leads as other start-ups will also network with you for your services.
• So in this way you get hot leads and this in turn will increase in the number of your sales and revenue and profit.
For example: If you are CA and after you have fully updated your profile, then all the other members (Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Professionals, Corporates - MNC Employees, Freelancers, Students etc.) will network with you for your services.


IV. Raise Angel Investment for Growth and Development:

• The Entire Angel Investment Ecosystem - Angel Investor, NRI, HNI, Retired Top Management Corporate / Government Employee, MNC Founders etc. will become member of GIBES.
• Now they will network with you directly or you can network with them to Raise Angel Investment for Growth and Development.
• You can Upload by clicking on "Files" your Business Plan or your Company Presentation or any other related Documents.

V. Opportunity to Become - Co Founder and / or Director and / or Mentor:

• In your profile, you can update details to become - Co Founder and / or Director and / or Mentor.
For example: Provide: Mentorship.

Project details: I can provide mentorship to startups in any field OR To be on BOD.

Experience: As a mentor I can provide with strategic inputs and Im working in a MNC in a top level management and / or Im an IIT or IIM graduate or Im an engineer and I have done already mentored 3 startup and out them 1 has received angel funding.

Duration: Atleast for a duration of 2 – 3 years and / or till the startups gets some paying customers.

Budget: I would like to be invited on Board Of Directors or to become Co Founder and also get ESOP.


VI. Opportunity to Become Angel Investor:

• In your profile, you can update details that you would like to invest in other companies (even if you evaluating and would like to invest only in nearby future) and increase your business reputation.

VII. Opportunity to Create Events:

• Business networking events organised around the world bring together extraordinary groups of highly-skilled and talented entrepreneurs who are united around the idea of communication, sharing, creating and developing ideas and last but not least meeting with potential investors.
• These events attract people from different experience levels and backgrounds.
• All these people are looking for connection, inspiration, advice, opportunities and mentors.

VIII. Opportunity to Write Blog and Share it with Other Social Networking Websites:

• Develop Relationships with Potential and Existing Customers.
• Establish Your Business as an Industry Leader
• Connect People to Your Brand
• Create Opportunities for Sharing
• You’ll inspire others
• You’ll become more comfortable being known
• You’ll find a platform to recommend
• Many Other Benefits of writing Blog.
IX. Many Many Other Benefits Of Becoming A Member of GIBES......